Top 7 free Video Splitter in 2023

If your video is long, or video contains some loop parts, you can split it. Splitting a large video into several parts is very useful for sharing or transferring. Video splitter software can easily split a video. Here are the top 7 free video splitters you can try.

1.    MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker, a free, no bundle, no ads, watermark-free video editor, is your first choice for splitting video. It provides simple interfaces to help you split video.

This free video splitter also provides other features to help your create video. For instance, you can apply video transitions/filters/animated text to video, etc.

Features of This Free Video Splitter

  • Free, easy to use, and no bundle video splitter.
  • Split a video into several parts easily.
  • Trim video to remove some unwanted parts.
  • Merge multiple videos into a movie.
  • Add animated text to video to complete the story.
  • Apply video transitions as well as video filters to customize video.
  • Create cool and Hollywood-style videos as well as movie trailers.
  • Change video format, video bitrate, as well as video quality.
Top 7 free Video Splitter


  • Simple, intuitive UI.
  • Free video splitter without watermark.
  • Some advanced features to create and edit videos.


Only support Windows OSs.

2.    Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft Movie Maker, a discontinued video editing software, lets you split or trim video easily. First, add a video file to Windows Movie Maker. Next, select the video point you want to split, click Video Tools, choose Edit and click the Split button. Finally, save and share your videos.


  • Free, easy to use.
  • A perfect tool for photo slideshows. 
  • Support various special filters.
  • Various video editing options.


  • No longer available for download.
  • Crashes a lot.

3.    Microsoft Photos

Photos app, hidden Windows 10 video editor, works like Windows Movie Maker. This video splitter lets you create new videos in Windows 10, and helps you split videos easily. In addition to splitting or trimming video, the Microsoft Photos app can turn images into video automatically under the Automatic Video mode, saving time in creating a video.


  • Simple, touch-friendly interface.
  • Edit photos with paint 3D.
  • Automatically creates albums.
  • Cool video editing effects.
  • Good photo browsing and searching features.


Lack some features like video transitions.

4.    VLC

VLC media player, open source and free to use software tool, supports almost all popular video file formats without downloading additional codecs. This video splitter works perfectly on Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms. This tool can split video, rotate video, and change the video file format.


  • Excellent file format support.
  • Change video format.
  • Encode outbound streams.
  • Play TV and Internet radio as per your choice.


  • Lack of Blue-Ray playback compatibilities.
  • Editing metadata isn’t as straightforward as in some other players.

5.    MP4Tools

If you want to edit MP4, or split MP4, you can try MP4Tools. This tool contains 2 excellent features to edit MP4:

  • MP4Joiner merges MP4 video files together.
  • MP4Splitter is designed to split MP4 video files.

Of course, splitting MP4 is very easy. You only need to load MP4 file, add split points, and click Start splitting.


Split and merge MP4 videos without re-encoding.


Only support MP4 files.

6.    iMovie

If you want to split video on Mac, your first choice is iMovie. By using iMovie for iOS and macOS, you can easily create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies on iPhone or iPad, or Mac. This free video editor offers simple editing features to help you create videos. It lets you trim video, split video, merge video, etc.


  • Clean, elegant interface.
  • Cool effects and titles.
  • Improved audio editing and fun movie trailers.


  • User interface is not customizable.
  • Lack of some advanced features like 360 video or multi-cam.
  • Support fewer export formats than some competing products.

7.    Format Factory

Many users know that Format Factory can change video format. In general, this free video converter also can split and merge video files.


  • Split and merge videos.
  • Change video format.
  • Batch conversion.
  • Rip content from CDs and DVDs.


  • Lack of advanced editing features.
  • Require over 150 MB to install.

There are different 7 video splitters, and each one has unique features. Find a suitable one to split video.